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Walldrops are the custom creations of Lisa Steen, a graphic designer with over two decades of experience creating print and display materials for major corporations and associations, most recently as Vice President for creative services at Ogilvy Public Relations. She received degrees in studio art and in advertising from the University of Colorado, and has studied interior design at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design.
303.941.6617 • lisa.steen@walldrops.com
Unique and versatile, Walldrops are an innovative new solution for residential and commercial interiors. They add visual drama and define your space. With a Walldrop, you can provide privacy, control traffic flow, or set off functional areas within a larger room – without compromising the openness of your floor plan. And they’re perfect decorative elements on tall or expansive walls.

For more information, please contact Lisa
at 303.941.6617 or lisa.steen@walldrops.com

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